DeEtta Cravens

2010 Rangel Scholar

DeEtta Cravens grew up like many ordinary young girls in the United States, as a student, a Girl Scout, and a soccer player. But what made her experiences extra-ordinary was that she studied as an exchange student in Costa Rica and Chile, that she was a Girl Scout Ambassador in Peru and Bolivia, and that she played soccer for the USA Youth Soccer Team in Australia. Her long-time passion to gain worldly experiences and understand other cultures brought her to the Charles B. Rangel Summer Enrichment Program.

As a Rangel Scholar preparing for her senior year at Oklahoma City University, DeEtta found the Rangel Program’s academic courses the most helpful aspect of the summer. “I learned more about foreign policy in the six weeks of the program than I have throughout my entire undergraduate studies,” she said. After spending time in the nation’s capital, she appreciated the exposure to careers, individuals, and issues that the program offered to aspiring international affairs professionals. But more than anything, she will always remember her fellow Rangel Scholars. “We had so much fun together, and I feel lucky to have met them all,” she said. “They will be friends forever, and I fully expect to see them again as we all pursue our careers in international affairs.

Now feeling prepared to begin a career in international affairs, DeEtta has decided to pursue her new goal of becoming a Foreign Service Officer. “I want to travel the world and continuously meet new people and be exposed to new and different cultures,” she said. Looking back at what brought her to this career choice, DeEtta hopes that anyone who wants to learn more about international affairs applies to become a Rangel Scholar. “The directors are great, the participants are fantastic, the courses are rewarding, the site visits are useful, and the seminars are incredible,” she said. Following graduating with a BA in Political Science, Spanish and Philosophy from Oklahoma City University, DeEtta won a Boren Scholarship to study in Brazil. Her career goal is to become a U.S. Foreign Service Officer.

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